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Is Mitt Romney Bela Lugosi? and Cory Booker’s Nausea

May 22, 2012 asks “Is Mitt Romney Count Dracula?” and reports that:

Phil Musser, a senior adviser in Romney’s presidential campaign in 2007, recently told Dan Hirschhorn of The Daily: “As long as you’re not Count Dracula, in an economy that’s still mired in a weak recovery from an awful recession, people are looking for someone who can cut through the fog, not someone who’s going to make them warm and fuzzy.

bela lugosi mitt romney

Meanwhile, Obama campaign ad “Steel” released last week about steel workers out of work because of a Bain Capital related deal. A former steel worker in the ad refers to Mitt Romney as “like a vampire, came in and sucked the life out of us”.

Now I know these are “vampire” references not zombie references. But my VampireLaw blog isn’t started yet (Professor Sutherland does both vampires and zombies) and also the Politico article has a great picture of Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula (1931), and it should remind zombie fans of the movie “White Zombie” the first zombie-titled American movie, also starring Bela Lugosi (1932), as the zombie master. And recall from ZombieLaw in March: “Romney is the Chief Zombie” – or is he Romney a “Zombie Nixon”

Lugosi’s appearance in the “White Zombie” movie helped to immediately situate zombies as monster characters in the same category as other Lugosi movies (the stereotype was so strong that Lugosi was type cast as a monster villain his whole life). Note the strong connection of his Eastern European accent and the sounds of persecution and of international money. Recall that “White Zombie” starts at a sugar factory in Haiti. Also the character of Renfield in Lugosi’s Dracula is a sort of zombie-like vampire’s henchman.

Query: Is Renfield a zombie? Surely, I have just stepped into a trap by suggesting that the mind-controlled are similar to the mindless. But zombies-controlled-by-masters are the progenitors of the leaderless-horde-zombies in more recent tales. So, did zombies liberate from their masters or are they totally different and if so, are they better off liberated? Surely some zombie long for a return to their master?

But, what would a world without (Bain) Capital be like? Could there be civilization with no such thing as private equity? How’s that for zombie economic ideas.

Newark’s Mayor Cory Booker, interviewed on Meet the Press, referred to this “Steel” campaign rhetoric as “nauseating” and that he was “uncomfortable” considering the positive work Bain has also done to create jobs. Today the Mayor is backtracking and apologizing for his word choices, but the questions are still important. The Mayor’s nausea is similar to Sartre’s and regards those dark murky areas between existentialism and Marxism.


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