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NBC “Community” Zombies – ‘Let it go’

May 20, 2012

Bill Carter in the NYTIMEs, May 19, 2012, NBC’s ‘Community’ to Lose Its Temperamental Maestro says of the TV show ‘Community‘ (loved by critics and a small cult of fans, but ratings low for primetime sitcom):

He [show creator Dan Harmon] had other moments that may have seemed weird to fans of more traditional shows, when he fashioned elaborate parody or homage episodes, (sometimes with obscure antecedents like the movie “My Dinner With Andre”) or turned his characters into cowboys or zombies for an episode.

A reference to Episode 206 of “Community”: entitled “Epidemiology”

The reference to the movie “Dinner with Andre” is directly on point for ZombieLaw (conversation and language and robots imprisoned in a prison of their own design!):

The “Community” parody is also on YouTube: My Dinner with Andre with Abed where clips of the show are extremely popular with the internet audience. Which is Harmon’s argument. See Dan Harmon Poops: “Hey, Did I Miss Anything?” – explaining his perspective on being fired and recalling his Commodore 64 with 300 baud modem and reaching new friends on the pre-internet)

But now Dan Harmon has been pushed off his show, so with his leadership removed, Season 4 (and any possible future seasons) may rightly be called a zombie version; a beheaded network reboot attempting to commercially exploit prior creativity with more discipline and control. Only time will tell if that is a successful strategy. Or maybe this is all just a PR move to increase interest in the prior three seasons. Who knows…

Meanwhile, last week in NPR short fiction contest: “Letting Go” by Graham Sanders suggests that zombies are coming (“moaning and approaching”) and it’s time to “unplug the life support machine from” our dying friend and face a coming assimilation into the zombie horde with the small hope that some aspect of our distinctive individuality might survive.

This all remind me of my prior post on Social Media Zombies and our global assimilation into the new age of digital community.

Also, this weekend, Ars Technica’s John Timmer recaps this “Week in Science” about “our cyborg future” . Recall again Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Theory as explained in -“We are already assimilated”


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