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British Columbia Zombies – the Modern Canadian Zombie

May 19, 2012

During WW2, Canada drafted men for war in Europe and these conscripted soldiers were called zombies. Now in 2012, Canadian zombies refer to emergency disaster preparedness and political protest.

zombie canada flag canadian
[image from Ray Sacchetto’s General Store]

May 19, 2012, In the National Post: “The importance of zombies to Canadian life” by Dave Bidini:

last week the Conservative Party hired the zombies to simulate activity within the House of Commons for young MPs green to the ways of federal politics. After the exercise, a spokesperson said that the behaviour of the undead was “very similar to members of the opposition,” who clawed the air and “yowled for flesh” and expressed themselves by grunts and stuttered gestures in the manner of new NDP leader Thomas Mulcair. After a few sessions, he said, the young MPs took the zombies’ behaviour in stride, and, once they “strapped beards on them,” à la Mulcair, it became easy for rookie representatives to better know their enemy, and to relax in the climate of the House.

Also quoted in the article: a panel discussion “Are zombies the new internet?”, a “Zombie Pride” group photograph, and “Are Zombies the New Gaga”

Recall also prior ZombieLaw posts – Anonymous as Cybernetic Zombie and Anonymous letter circa WW2 about the conscripted Canadian Zombies.


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