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Puppies make “zombie-like law students” smile

May 12, 2012

“Colleges go to the dogs for stress busters” by Dorie Turner, AP Education Writer, May 12, 2012, about pet therapy for zombie law students:

ATLANTA (AP) – Just down the hall from the reference desk at Emory University’s law library in a room housing antique legal texts is Stanley the golden retriever puppy, barking his head off.

Stanley rolls around on the floor and chews on a squeaky toy while zombie-like law students wander in, a giant grin breaking out on their weary faces when they see the cuddly boy. Puppy therapy – just in time for finals week.

From Kent State University in Ohio to Macalester College in Minnesota, more and more pooches are around campus during exams to help students relax and maybe even crack a smile or two.

“We had a student who came in and a staff person commented they had never seen that student smile,”

“zombie-like law students” is a great phrase – it turns out this AP writer can’t lay claim to having coined the expression – last year two law librarians used the expression on a youtube video: “Infusing Music into Legal Research Instruction– Keeping Law Students Interested” about incorporating music into law classes to wake dead student minds. And someone else probably said it before them — but still, I think Ms. Turner’s use deserves a zombie portrait from her twitter picture 🙂

zombie dorie turner


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