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Middle School Geography … with Zombies

May 10, 2012

David Hunter, a middle school teacher in Washington has proposed Zombie-Based Learning: Geography taught in Zombie Apocalypse. He is trying to raise $5,0000 on Kickstarter (so far almost $2,000. 22 days to go). Thanks to fellow WordPresser Tales from an Open Book for posting about this:

Meanwhile on Kickstarter today, Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a reboot of an old video game trying to raise $400,000 (so far over $160,000 with 27 days to go). VR-Zone reports about Carmageddon:

The original game was released in 1997, but even before its debut there was staunch criticism of its extreme violence, with threats of a sales ban forcing the developer, Stainless Games, to replace running over pedestrians with the more acceptable running over zombies (perhaps the zombie community disagrees).

I mention this game because:
1) I remember that game from 1997 and it was kinda fun,
2) Kickstarter is awesome to raise money (but particularly if you are a video game), and
3) if it is “more acceptable” to run over zombies in video games, are there implications for using zombies to understand geography? (or economics or international politics, or neuroscience or public health or social work) Could we teach literature with this metaphor? By which I mean would there be any advantage to teaching students about Shakespeare and Kafka as if they were zombies? Can we conceive of even the most creative writers as blindly responding to environmental stimuli? Would that help student engagement the way it seems to work in these other fields? If not, the issue is the rhetoric around creativity.


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