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Zombie Steve Jobs in secret intellectual property deposition

May 1, 2012

This story is making waves from Hollywood Reporter: Apple Doesn’t Want Musicians to See Secret Steve Jobs Deposition It is related to the UMG / Rick James class action law suit that ZombieLaw posted about music intellectual property involving Rob Zombie as potential named plaintiff for a class action by artists against the music industry – for failure to properly pay royalties related to online music transactions and ringtones.

This story is in a bunch of places – here in CNN: Clear the courtroom before Steve Jobs’ deposition is read AND in Cult of Mac: Why Is Apple Trying To Suppress The Contents Of Steve Jobs Deposition?

This is a funny case for zombie law because it’s just Rob Zombie‘s name as named plaintiff to represent artists but really has nothing to do with zombies. Still, this is a study in language more than law so this is still very much a zombielaw case. Also it’s funny how it interferes with some of the other meanings of the words. Particularly since this is now about an old deposition from the now dead Apple innovator, Steve Jobs, and so is a deposition that serves to recover Jobs testimony from beyond his grave. And also since the other named plaintiff is the estate of dead musician Rick James. It is again reminiscent of both the South Park episodes discussed and linked in this prior zombielaw post. Close the doors, it’s a sue-ance between alienated creative labor and the traditional institutions of production, of course they want to unseal testimony from the undead!

There are other intellectual property cases with products named zombie (recall zombielaw historic case about zombie candy), but the association here to digital music files and the internet furthers an association to the so-called “cybernetic zombie that lives on in cyberspace“. And also related to the Social Media Zombie.

Perhaps ironically, an image search on google for “steve jobs borg” results mostly in Microsoft, Bill Gates, and also Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama and the Linux Penguin, whereas the only Steve Jobs image is as Captain Picard:

google image search steve jobs borg

In contrast, a google image search for “steve jobs zombie” resulted in a few such images to choose from; I like this one:
steve jobs zombie

No luck finding a Rick James zombie – maybe I’ll try to make one later.

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