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Save the Undead Libraries, Rescue the Zombies Librarians – Reading is Zombie Mental

April 24, 2012

Reading is an important part of an active mind. Hence the viral comedic irony of a college library providing a guide to the library system with zombies. Meanwhile Aussies say the librarians are already zombies (zoned out quietly consumed in reading a book?). Like the zombie education system and zombies social media consumers, these library zombies want to bite you and get you reading.

reading is zombimental zombie mental zombiemental read

McPherson College Library created this pdf zombie comic book guide to their library called “Library of the Living Dead”.

library guide zombies

And the Library Zombie meme is alive an well in Australia where “There’s more to the story about your local librarians“:

Librarians nationwide are helping change their image to highlight their workplace as a place of creativity and fun to inspire the locals to visit their nearby library.

And none more so than City of Tea Tree Gully librarian Benjamin Wheal.

In an attempt to break down stereotypes, the 38-year-old channelled his artistic streak and came up with the Zombies in the Library calendar concept.

zombie library calendar

Somehow, zombies in their absence of mind have become a symbol of creativity.

Los Angeles Times yesterday reports on the Festival of Books: Grahame-Smith explains why we need zombies:

According to Seth Grahame-Smith, author of three insanely popular historical-fiction-meets-genre-thriller novels, zombies are good at two things: separating us from our delicious cranial tissue, and serving as a metaphor for whatever a culture fears.

“Zombies have represented everything from communism to consumerism,” he said of his first smash novel “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies.” “All I wanted to do was take Jane Austen’s themes and humor and put them in an even more absurd landscape. It’s the same thing in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” The vampires are slavery. They steal your life force to enrich themselves. That’s what slavery is.”

But if zombies are representing creativity and reading in libraries, then is this what our culture currently fears?! – See last month CNN: Is there a bias against creativity? It is uncertain times and so while some embrace radical change others cling to historic institutions.

And so all ye institution Zombies, rally, support your local library – This zombie organization Zombies for Libraries supports the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library:

because we [Zombies for Libraries] know the good public libraries do for this community.

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