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Simpson-Bowles Zombie – of course

April 19, 2012

Yesterday Senate Budget Committee had a Markup-Non-Markup charade of political theater in which the budget recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles commission were speeched about by the Senators. The budget committee sat around a table but not talking to each other just speaking to the air. Chairman Conrad did not go rogue and bring a budget for markup but instead just brought back the 2010 Simpson-Bowles report. Here comes election season, and with continuing zombie economics of failed promises of yesterday, dreams about fixing it tomorrow, but for now just bring back talk of bipartisan economic reform.

Zombies examine Simpson:

Simpson-Bowles is bipartisanship at its finest – no one agrees about it.
Cranes writes: Nobody wants it.


The Chairman kept saying how there is no hope to fix the budget crisis before the election season. They designed it last time to be voted right after the election with the most hope it would pass. It didn’t. So they are repeating history and plan to time it again for right after the election (is it to protect members from a difficult vote?). So instead they just talk (speech) about it now. No marking up of the document, just a markup in name only, to remind everyone of the impending cataclysmic budgetary constraints (the apocalypse of “the sequester”) already signed into law with across the board cuts ready to take effect if Senate does not act.

So of course, there are Simpson-Bowles Zombie references today in HuffPost – The Zombie Rises: The Return of Simpson-Bowles and Simpson-Bowles Zombie Returns

Simpson Bowls?

Ezra Klein at Washington Post interviewed Chairman Conrad and opened with an important skeptical question never really answered:

The House took up a version of the Simpson-Bowles plan about two weeks ago. It failed, 382-38. Why should we believe it will do any better in the Senate?

Answer: because it’s going to be yet another new collaborated zombie version -see Slate: A Guide to Recognizing Your Budget Stunts.

But no, Conrad answered he’s “hopeful”. I defy anyone watching the Cspan video to tell me where Conrad sounds hopeful about anything.

Klein concluded the interview asking the Senator what he hopes for the next 7 months and Conrad responded that he wants to “kick off a conversation”. The Simpson-Bowles report was released in December of 2010, what does he think they have been doing since then? Maybe he meant kick off election season.

And so just another day in zombie Washington

And finally, Zombies and Zombie, the magnificent, Ms. Sally Bowles. Because, Washington is a Cabaret, and note the association of Zombies to communist Russia and Nazis and FDR and Nazis and FDR again.

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