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Is Ann Romney a Zombie Mom?

April 14, 2012

ZombieLaw started posting about “zombie mom” mentions and now there is this political “kerfuffle” over Hilary Rosen’s comment about Anny Romney and stay at home moms. Coincidence?

romney family

Today in HuffPost about Hilary Rosen / Ann Romney: “It’s Not a “Mommy War,” It’s a War on Moms”

Yesterday ZombieLaw linked MommyhoodBlog’s middle-school zombie parents and the day before ZombieLaw mentioned the National Post’s coffee shop zombie moms. Both references indicate a class of parents that have become zombied by fear, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, overwork, (narcissism), etc. Note that in reference to the Ann Romney “kerfuffle”, the Atlantic today published “Ideological Voters Are Easy to Manipulate”. Zombie voters are probably even easier to manipulate.

Also yesterday, someone registered on Walking Dead fan forum using the account name “Mombie” and posting “Zombie Mom = Mombie?” as if there was ever any question – the conjunction “Mombie” is not new – See a blog called “Smartmouth Mombie” which is subtitled “this is what a feminist writes like”

And contrast the Urbandictionary definitions of “mombie” as typically a “former feminist” :

1) a woman who has a child and becomes a different person than she was before (often a former feminist); her conversations all revolve around toilet training, feeding schedules, and the occasional housework; so-called because there’s a certain glazed look in the eyes and she appears to have been brainwashed

2) A mom who has nothing else remotely interesting going on in her life and does nothing but focus on her children, to the point she lives vicariously through them, finding no other means of fulfillment.

See also the the blogspot blog “My Life as a Mombie” subtitled “The deep thoughts of a 32 year old, Midwestern, butt-wiping, booboo kissing, non-cleaning, wine-loving, tired mother.” And also “Zombie Moms Make Better Cookies”

Clearly, Zombie Moms are an established and growing meme. Are they related to the media hyping a war on mothers? Note also today a yahooAnswers question about ex-cons and welfare moms associating some older welfare rhetoric into the mix.

Finally, I would note that Mother’s Day is approaching so this is all the beginning of that marketing push. Wikipedia says that Woodrow Wilson declared “the first national Mother’s day as a day for American citizens to show the flag in honor of those mothers whose sons had died in war.” And that FDR “approved a stamp commemorating the holiday.” One of the many ways, FDR helped to fight zombies? Because if we all just relax and enjoy our consumerism then we won’t feel as impotent zombi powerless to keep up without our past and racked with guilt about corporate injustice and dead sons of war. #FirstWorldProblems

romney baby zombie 2012

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