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Wisconsin fake politics, Zombie Mommies, and sinister Occupy Obamacare

April 13, 2012

A youtube account called OccupyObamacare has posted a political video ‘The Awakening of the Sinister Dr. Obamacare’ – its message doesn’t seem particularly #Occupy related but suuure. It definitely seems zombie related.

According, OccupyObamacare is a “low-budget super PAC” launched by “Glen Morton, a 41-year-old health insurance broker and failed congressional candidate who lives in a Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C.” But lest we think this kind of political speech is new, recall that Abraham “Abraham Lincoln was derided as an ape, ghoul, lunatic, and savage” as political speech.(See US v. Bagdasarian, 652 F.3d 1113 citing Bruce L. Felknor “Dirty Politics”)

That 2011 opinion is about a generalized threat made against the president on the internet, and the the Ninth Circuit opinion notes that this is not unprecedented. Judge Reinhardt writes in footnote #7 that:

False accusations that a President is a member of an unpopular religious minority were prevalent in the 1930s. Wealthy critics of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his policies referred to the New Deal as the Jew Deal, convinced that the President was a Jew named Rosenfeld who “had surrounded himself with Jews who made policy from a Jewish perspective for their own benefit”

Let’s also again recall the connections ZombieLaw discovered about FDR and zombies, with hopes to find more about that later. Zombielaw will have to investigate the Jew named Rosenfeld and his Zombi Haitian Constitution. But not today…

Meanwhile in Wisconsin primary elections coverage, Jesse Russell writes in “Total Recall: Zombie candidates ready to rise on May 8” writing about “fake candidates in the Democratic primaries”.

the Republican Party of Wisconsin has once again dusted off the “zombie” candidate playbook by tapping half a dozen candidates to ensure primaries occur for Democrats challenging their incumbents.

But when one so-called zombie candidate gets within 10 points of winning the election, maybe he’s not a zombie candidate. Who knows who is the “actual Democrat” until the election is held? It’s hard to tell. As with the continuing zombie campaigns of Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. This question of political consciousness, “actual” or “fake”, is the very question of zombies – what is “actual” consciousness and what is not, what is human versus inhuman? Nerdist’s Martin E. Quasniki is clearly a puppet candidate but when Stephen Colbert does it, it’s not as clear.

Quasniki says we shouldn’t worry about our children’s future, “just be happy your kids aren’t zombies” (at 1:30) in this fireside chat:

One more story for tonight (Friday the 13th): The soccer moms have become zombie moms

KaranIreland in Mommyhood Blog posted “Welcome to the Jungle” in which she likens parents at middle school orientation to “deer-in-headlights … zombie-fied parents searching for direction”.

ZombieLaw noted David Bidini’s “zombie moms” at the coffee cafe in yesterday’s ZombieLaw post about bank dysentery. The Mommyblog article describes being that zombie parent and paralyzed by the fear and uncertainty of their children growing up. There are so many threats and the school’s “new surveillance system” is only a minimal comfort. KaranIreland finds it “reassuring” to look at the other zombie parents and feel: “i’m not alone!” Contrast Bidini who found the coffee shop parents engaged in a form of “social mind control”.

And when you consider that KaranIreland writes (though somewhat sarcastic, “amiright”) that “a parent’s biggest fear about middle school: bullying.” In context with the zombie education system and zombie banking, bullying (while an important concern) seems potentially overexposed. Shouldn’t there be some greater concern that the skills the students are learning will prepare them for the future economy?

zombie mommy


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