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Zombie in Federal Court opinions grows with movies [GRAPH]

April 12, 2012

The last ZombieLaw post included a graph of zombie movies per year, this new graph shows much more. First I added a second line to show the number of Federal Court opinions (from Lexis) that used the word “zombie” or “zombies” or “zombi”. Then I also added a few key time markers for important films and important Federal Court quotes.

zombies in movies and in federal court

We can see a very similar pattern between growth of zombie movies and zombie mentions in Federal Court opinions. It is even more similar if you pull the Federal Court opinions back 4 years, which is a reasonable delay to expect for the cultural ideas of a case to reach decision by Federal Court. Of course, Lexis is better cataloging recent cases (including more so-called unpublished opinions), and also courts quote prior courts, so it is not surprising to see usage increase. Still, this is a dramatic recent rise and matches closely the film industry rise.


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