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Zombie banks died of dysentery on the capitalist trail

April 12, 2012

In the news today, a new version of Oregon Trail with zombies and the zombie bank metaphor is now in stock market chatter. And maybe we are all zombies at the coffee shop.

zombie bank died of dysentery oregon trail zombies

First, ‘Oregan Trail: Director’s Cut’ Heading to iOS Soon”

Next, Anusha Shrivastava Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES writes: BOE’s Posen: Effective Supervision Can Prevent ‘Zombie’ Banks linking “zombie” to “non-performing”:

The way to prevent ‘zombie‘ or non-performing banks is to have effective supervision at the institutions

Then, David Balston at Inside Futures writes “Stocks are Dead (They Just Don’t Know It Yet)”:

Have you noticed that zombie movies and television shows have been growing increasingly popular over the last decade? … Today’s stocks are like zombies. They are going through the motions, but there is no one home.

Well, yes David, here at ZombieLaw we have noticed that and so I made a little graph. I used the data from Wikipedia: “List of Zombie Films” to make this graph of number of zombie films per year.
zombie movies per year
Definitely the number of zombies movies has escalated in the last decade. I don’t have an explanation for the big drop in 2011 except that maybe all of the movies were not yet logged or maybe we’ve past a peak. I also did not in any way check the accuracy of this list and it could be wrong. Also zombies have invaded television in a big way this year and that is in no way accounted for in this graph. And it got cheaper to make movies. But no matter what the reason, definitely a major increase and this has firmly planted zombies in cultural vocabulary.

Ans so it’s not just “zombie stocks” that are “going through the motions”, we all seem to be. David Bidini in PostedToronto writes “Coffee Run: Zombie moms are not good neighbours” describing “zombie moms” and “zombie dads” with “zombie kids” in “zombie homes”; the talk overheard in the coffee shop cafe:

discussions were a kind of social mind control; because of their mass and volume, it was impossible not to follow them, making independent thought a true struggle

In contrast,“Occupy Eugene Planning Zombie Bank Protest”: The “[p]rotesters hope their message resonates.”

Surely, the zombie metaphor is resonating across media coverage; an ironic symbol to try to wake activism. But it belies the fact that Occupy doesn’t really know what it wants us to do next. Can we buy medication in time to cure the dysentery or is it already fete accompli, are we mathematically too far from any town with not enough provisions? Is it already game over, time to restart or maybe play a new game?

Maybe we should play, ya know Civilization


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