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Zombie Education System educating zombies

April 9, 2012

An opinion published today in Charlotte Observer from an editorial published in the Herald-Sun of Durham on April 5. The editorial is titled “North Carolina’s ‘zombie’ schools”.

The writer first recounts the idea, now familiar to ZombieLaw readers, of “Voodoo” Reagonomics and vampire-zombie-banking, similar to the theories in my ZombieLaw post “Zombies Economic Discourse: Monster Alan Greenspan vs. Zombie Karl Marx”. Then the writer moves the zombie metaphor further, from economics and bank finance to public schools and the education sector. The editorial states that we should call banks the “vampires” and:

Let’s save the term “zombie” for institutions that are in thrall to an indifferent master, shambling onward without succor or volition.

Institutions like, for example, North Carolina’s public schools.


like zombie banks, if the schools produce toxic assets in the form of dropouts and badly educated students, they will eventually become the government’s problem.

and concluding:

we have zombie schools in North Carolina, superintendents and districts that will struggle forward in a kind of half life.

But that’s not the creature feature we fear. The real horror show will come in a few years, when most of this generation of public school students emerges ill prepared to participate in the 21st century economy.

Call that one “Night of the Living Dead End.”

Right-on! But this editorial analysis doesn’t go nearly far enough. The writer is attacking the North Carolina education system but has only scratched the surface of identifying a much larger problem of America’s underfunded State operated schools. See for example the California State University’s recent plan to allow private operation of overfull classes, Tuition Model Quietly Spreading, creating a two-tiered system for students (if they can afford to pay more), and pepper-spraying student protesters while at the same time “California State University approves pay raises for executives” . Which reminds of banks chided for CEO compensation packages.

Really that’s the least of the Education sector’s coming end-of-days higher education bubble as predicted by Peter Thiel. For example, there is a looming student debt crisis with student debt nearing $1 trillion dollars and that is directly connected to financial zombie bank metaphors.

The schools are zombies producing zombies. The zombie education problem is far bigger than just North Carolina public schools and it is highly related to the zombie (or vampire) banks. Is it all fuel for a vampire banking sector or is there no master at all, just dead zombie capital feeding off itself, a whole system that has gone toxic (what they meant by “too big too fail” is ALL of it). And so now zombie metaphors are appearing in nearly every sector and schools have become geared towards graduating students into a debt system where their only hope is to themselves become administrative corporate zombies.


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