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Return of Esquire’s Pierce: “zombie-eyed-granny-starver” Paul Ryan

April 3, 2012 blogger, Charles P. Pierce, of The Politics Blog, has today again referred to Congressman Paul Ryan as a “zombie-eyed granny-starver” in his April 3, post: “Marbury v. Madison Obama: How Can We Help President Obama Today?” ZombieLaw has previously told written about Pierce’s phrase and so here is an update:

eddie munster paul ryan shrugged

Pierce refers to

zombie-eyed granny-starver Paul Ryan and his Dark Ages conception of a social compact

And encourages readers to encourage Obama to keep attacking the zombie

the last time the president threw something like this in the zombie-eyed granny-starver’s face, the granny-starver got his zombie eyes all sad and pronounced himself disappointed that the president would say something mean and partisan, and that he would intimate that all of Ryan’s zombie-eyed granny-starving was merely a way to jack more of the nation’s wealth upwards, and not a sincere moral enterprise aimed at removing the immoral burden of debt from future generations of zombie-eyed granny-starvers. Nobody does puppy-dog faux regret like this guy does. I expect we’ll have some weepy quotes by the middle of the afternoon.

Now, the second part of what we can do is remind the president that, if he’s going to be talking about social Darwinism and zombie-eyed granny-starving, he should chuck the suddenly sacred Simpson-Bowles “plan” into the Potomac

A rhetorical reference to the (false) myth that George Washington supposedly threw a silver coin into the Potomac river:

“Zombie-eyed” is a reference to Congressman Ryan’s droopy eyes but zombies are also related to not seeing clearly or an altered perception; “granny-starving” is more typically reserved for big bad wolves. But Zombies are definitely related to “populism” and (bloody) mass movements.

See “Populism yeah yeah” from the Broadway musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson:


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