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Fox News: “Zombie Health Law”

March 29, 2012

Chris Stirewalt for writes “Big Trouble for Obama if Court Creates Zombie Health Law” about the epic Supreme Court arguments this week over ObamaCare (PPAC) and what might happen if the Court strikes down only part of the law (the issue of severability)

Stirewalt writes:

The great peril for Obama comes if the law is allowed to stand but justices rip out its heart.


Having this zombie law terrorizing the populace would be very bad for Obama, so he would have to quickly come up with an alternative.

And concludes:

A clear win or a clear loss can be dealt with, but nobody wants to deal with a zombie attack.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mother Jones disagrees. In “Will the Supreme Court Create Zombie Obamacare?”, Adam Serwer writes:

For those Americans struggling to pay their medical bills, Zombie Obamacare could be better than nothing.

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