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Historic Zombies: “Red ‘Zombies’ Take Toll of Nazis, Russia Claims”

March 8, 2012

September 23, 1941, headline: Red ‘Zombies’ Take Toll of Nazis, Russia Claims” in The Pittsburgh Press:

Three Russian armies, which the Germans recently claimed to have wiped out, were reported today to have inflicted 50,000 casualties on the Nazis in the Lake Ilmen area and to be pounding into the rear of the German besiegers in Leningrad.

The article by Henry Shapiro, United Press Staff Writer in Moscow continues with further report from the front. By 1941, The headline word “zombies” requires no explanation. The Russian armies were reported dead but instead reappeared to cause destruction of the 56th German Army Corp and Eighth Tank Division.

russian army zomies

Meanwhile on the same newspaper page “Czechs Continue to Resist Nazis” reporting that

16 staff members of two illegal publications have been condemned by the Volksgericht (people’s court) in Berlin to sentences ranging from death to a minimum of five years imprisonment … the accused were guilty of planning ‘high treason’ through preparations to publish a magazine and a newspaper.

Also on the same page, Russia faces threat from Japan on the Asian front, Nazis prepare to invade the Crimean peninsula, and Communist terrorists arrested in France. Also, an ad for a grapefruit juice based weight loss product.

And unrelated but, ya know, sort of related –zombie vodka:
zombie vodka

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