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MoJo: “Mitt Romney’s Zombie Problem”

March 7, 2012

In an article on Mother Jones, David Corn writes “Mitt Romney faces the fundamental problem confronted by all zombie hunters: how do you kill that which is dead already?” The headline of the article is “Mitt Romney’s Zombie Problem” and right under that it says “The GOP front-runner’s grabbing more of the delegates—but he’s being pursued by living-dead competitors he cannot stop.”
mitt romney zombies

Corn continues:

“Republican GOP 2012 death march“, “Romney is a robot“, “steadily committing gaffes that seem ghost-written by Occupy Wall Street pranksters.”

“Romney needs to break away from the freak show. Which brings us back to the all-important zombie question—how can he rid himself of his flesh-eating pursuers? …should Romney reach the convention in Tampa ahead of the zombie pack…”

“Romney doesn’t have much leverage over them. Zombies are hard to reason with. They’re already dead. They’re tough to bribe. They want to kill you.”

“And he has yet to figure out a better strategy of coping with zombies than the one adopted by Bill Murray’s character in Zombieland: pretend to be one yourself.”

bill murray zombieland

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