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ZombieLaw studies zombies in law, politics and current events.

more zombie opera

NY Observer: “When It Comes to Opera, Walking Dead Trump German Romanticism” By James Jorden:

La Zombiata’ shines, but SummerScape turns Weber into Ed Wood

As a conductor, Mr. Botstein is something of a musical zombie, so maybe he should turn his attention to a new piece called La Zombiata, billed as “an opera farce with zombies” in its premiere with Fresh Squeezed Opera Company.

a deliberately banal libretto that somehow managed to send up both Verdi’s La Traviata and the general concept of zombies in barely 45 minutes.

Opera is sort of a zombie of itself, recall previous ZombieLaw “Zombie Opera”, about the impending death of NYCO, now this zombie opera comes in a time when the Metropolitan Opera is facing a looming strike! But, much like Hamas, the Metropolitan Opera and unions have agreed to a 72 hours contract extension (weird coincidence – see “Metropolitan Opera Extends Its Contract Deadline for 15 Unions” by Michael Cooper and USAToday: “Israel and Hamas agree to 72-hour cease-fire” by Ilana Conway, Yousef Al-Helou and Jennifer Collins) — so we’ve got three days to save the world.

MVTimes: “Camp Jabberwocky stages “Frankenstein’s Last Dance”” by Pat Waring:

Mix together a crew of zombie-like monsters, a flock of sweet angels, some cheerful red-horned devils, a batch of good-hearted, hard-working Amish folk who just want to keep their community free from sin — or at least from electricity. Add a crazed doctor, spirited musicians, and a camp full of inspired performers and you get an evening of colorful fun. These were the ingredients for “Frankenstein’s Last Dance,” Camp Jabberwocky’s hilarious play presented July 18 and 19.

And also in high art, a reference to fashion magazine Vogue’s cover at TheFashionSpot: “Cara Delevingne Looks Like a ‘Luxury Zombie’ for Vogue UK September 2014 (Forum Buzz) ” by Jihan Forbes quoting a user comment from Nymphaea. Additionally, at Fashionista: “Cara Delevingne’s September ‘Vogue’ UK Cover Looks Familiar” by Dhani Mau suggests that maybe this is picture from an already used shoot, which would make it another sort of zombie image.

september vogue

Personally, I think this look is zombie chic, which seems fitting for this weekend’s outlook; a last dance before the apocalypse, or can we find a way to create a new shared vision for a utopian future, one where skilled artists have good high paying jobs at the Met!

Zombies Get No Respect

Apologies for the lack of blogging the past few days. Be sure to also follow @LawZombie on Twitter for more frequent “zombie” law-politics quotes and links.

Meanwhile, as a late offering for Throwback Thursday, enjoy some Rodney Dangerfield, in this clip that I think was part of “The Rodney Dangerfield Special: I Can’t Take It No More” (1983):

Are you kidding, are you kidding, I know I’m ugly, I asked a bartender to make me a zombie, told me god beat him too it.

This is a reference to the “zombie” rum drink. Also in this segment some other zombie themes including Halloween, going to the zoo, and suicide prevention. The self-deprecating humor about being ugly and Dangerfield’s distinctive style of a business suit and buggy eyes, have all become classic parts of the modern zombie character.

that’s the story of my life, no respect, no respect at all.

Since zombies have also become associated with economics and academia, let’s also throwback to that great Dangerfield movie “Back to School” (1986) in a scene about the difference between theory and practice (false dichotomy) in the subject of business finance:

There are two kinds of people in business today, the quick and the dead.

Rodney Dangerfield Special: I Can't Take No More (1983) / Back to School (1986)

Zombie’s French Revolution

This cartoon promotion for video game Assassin’s Creed was worked on by Rob Zombie. This blog doesn’t cover everything that Rob Zombie gets named in but this seemed noteworthy for two reasons: 1) it’s awesome and 2) the imagery is very zombie-style, the economic inequality is already a zombie topic, plus the imagery of the dying but also the imagery of wealthy drinking red wine, seeping from their mouths like blood and can turn teeth a sort of zombie-mouth purple color. Viva la Zombie revolution!

Bunny poop flamethrower

From “Bunny poop-powered DIY flamethrower, anyone?” by Max Slowik provides video from National Geographic “Doomsday Preppers”, of a dude who has weaponized rabbit manure as fuel for a flamethrower to “protect him and his wife” for “when the economy tanks”.

Slowik is surprised this guy has a wife;

probably not for much longer if she ever catches him making flamethrower “fuel” in the kitchen using her blender. Zombie apocalypse or no, that’s a deal-breaker.

See more ZombieLaw tags: weapons or guns or poop.

DMV denies Zombie Debt Killer

10News: “Vanity plate rejects: Why the DMV said ‘NO’” provides an excel spreadsheet of offensive vanity license plate requests that were denied by the California DMV. Among the list is multiple license plate requests for zombies.

zombie debt killer license plate dmv


The request for IKL ZMBI with applicant comment: “I KILL ZOMBIE” was also denied. The DMV response simply repeats the applicant comment: “I KILL ZOMBIE”

And the request for ZDBT KLR with applicant comment “ZOMBIE DEBT KILLER WE DEFEND AGAINST ZOMBIE DEBT COLLECTORS” was also denied with DMV response: “PULLING FOR ‘KILLER'”

One that was marked approved was LVN#DED with applicant comment “LOVING DAD”, but the DMV response was skeptical: “LIVING DEAD, IS THIS OK? ZOMBIES CREEP ME OUT. AND DEAD IS NOT DAD.”

There are also entries for UNDEAD3 and UNDEAD 8, both with applicant comment: “HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD” and DMV comment: “UNSURE ‘UNDEAD’ WAS MARKING BUT IN 1994″ both approved.

See also denial for LAWBTCH with applicant comment attempting to claim it as “LAW BATCH” but DMV response saw the obvious “LAW BITCH”.

But that keen DMV intuition was ignored in the approval of LAWR PE with no applicant comment but the DMV response did notice: “ONLY HAVE A SPACE BETWEEN R AND P- I SAW RAPE.”

Law rape? By zombie debt collectors? Hire a bitch and kill it!

ghosts of the past clanking their chains

Judge Desmond’s opinion in Woods v. Lancet 303 N.Y. 349 (1951) quotes:

“When these ghosts of the past stand in the path of justice clanking their mediaeval chains the proper course for the judge is to pass through them undeterred.”

(Lord Atkin in United Australia, Ltd., v. Barclay’s Bank, Ltd., [1941] A. C. 1, 29).

This ghost is a reference to precedent as the decision in Woods overturned thirty year old established case law.

Consider by way of contrast, the dissent by Circuit Judge E. Grady Jolly in the Fifth Circuit’s 1999 decision Doe v. Santa Fe Independent School District, 168 F.3d 806:

like boys on a summer night blithely whistling as they walk through a graveyard, for the panel majority it is not to worry so long as it is brave enough to look straight ahead and pretend that authoritative precedents are merely ghosts of the past not to be feared.

Despite the dissent, the Supreme Court of the United Stated affirmed the decision, Santa Fe Independent School Dist. v. Doe, 530 U.S. 290 (2000)

Notice the stark contrast in the way these quotes embody the role of the judge. Lord Atkin’s imagery is of a judge like some Lord of the Rings style once and future king (Aragorn approaching the Army of the Dead), whereas for Judge Jolly the judges are boys on a graveyard adventure.

See also, from StraightDope:”When did ghosts start rattling chains and moaning?” asked in 2005 by user named Shirley Unjest. The best answer comes from Walloon who cites “Magic, Witchcraft, and Ghosts in the Greek and Roman Worlds: A Sourcebook” by Daniel Ogden and explains:

The chain rattling goes back even further to ghost stories in Ancient Roman literature. Pliny the Younger wrote a haunted story, circa A.D. 102, with a chain rattling ghost. The ghost’s corpse is found in chains. It was believed by the Romans that chains were one of the few ways to keep a ghost from wandering about.

There is also a strong connection to the Dickens character Jacob Marley from “Christmas Carol” who appears to Scrooge as a specter, “captive, bound and double-ironed” chained to “cash-boxes, keys, padlocks, ledgers, deeds, and heavy purses wrought in steel.”

At Yahoo Answers, an answer from Bob explains:

usually what the significance of the chain is. It is the weight of your sins which you must drag behind you for the rest of eternity, forever unable to find peace and enter Heaven.

zombie pools

Zombie pools are a new issue in the Florida real estate crisis. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water so it’s important to check abandoned homes with unmaintained swimming pools. (Query: can zombies swim?)

Yesterday in Florida Today: “‘Zombie’ pools could help spread mosquito-borne viruses” by Jim Waymer:

“Zombie” swimming pools at homes in foreclosure soon morph to algae-caked cesspools, inviting habitats for the species of mosquitoes that spread agonizing and sometimes fatal viral diseases such as dengue fever and chikungunya. Both diseases have been inching in on east Central Florida.

County officials can’t put an exact number of zombie pools but estimate dozens of similar scenarios throughout unincorporated Brevard

Wendell Koontz offers a potential cheap solution in Florida Today: “Letter: Product helps kill mosquitoes in pools“:

“Mosquito Dunks,” a mosquito-control product. …. They are little green doughnuts that you toss in a pool to kill mosquito larvae. … They cost about $1 each.

Koontz suggest tossing them into the zombie pools of your neighbors’ foreclosed home. No comment on the legality of trespass in tossing insect poison onto property you don’t own. Consult a local attorney, but I suppose the penalties might be better than getting lots of bug bite or contracting a terrible virus.

Also, we might consider “zombie pools” in terms of money, zombie funds and zombie banks. Consider also how this all might connect to Marvel’s character “Deadpool” who is very popular amongst internet upvoters and who last year fought dead presidents (a phrase which is also slang for money).

Meanwhile this week, President Obama is being harangued for his Emperor Nero moment of shooting pool while the world ends. See for example this opinion letter to South Jersey Times: “World burns while Obama plays pool“. And for another water-predator metaphor, Mediaite: “Colorado Gov. Praises Obama’s Pool Game, Calls Him ‘A Shark’” by Evan McMurry. Let’s hope there are no sharks in the pools of abandoned homes. (see also, the Obama float)


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